AVIS Car Rental at Copenhagen Airport

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AVIS Car Rental at Copenhagen Airport
AVIS Car Rental at Copenhagen Airport

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81 / 100
Avg. Wait
20 mins
Quality of Vehicle
93 / 100
Desk Service
81 / 100
flag Vehicle Pickup
78 / 100
Vehicle Drop Off
93 / 100

Desk In Terminal | Car via shuttle.

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AVIS Car Rental Services at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport offers many modes of transport such as frequent buses, trains and door-to-door shuttle services. If however you want the ultimate in independence during your stay in Copenhagen, then hiring a car at Copenhagen Airport may be your best option for getting around. Avis car hire Copenhagen Airport is one of the five car hire companies that have desks there. Avis is known in particular for excellent family service, as they provide seating for babies and booster seats for young children for an extra small charge. Avis Copenhagen Airport offers a wide range of rentals from small compact cars to family friendly saloons, 4x4 vehicles and even vans. Included in the price of all rentals are airbags, road maps child safety seats and the guarantee of 24-hour roadside service in case you break down or have car problems. There is also no extra charge for another driver.

Avis offer a lot of great cars that are perfect for the family and at reasonable prices. The Chevrolet Aveo and the Ford Fusion are both popular options with lots of space for luggage and kids. If you are looking for a more luxurious vehicle then Avis has a great selection of higher-class models. Choose from cars such as the speedy Chevrolet Camaro SS or the BMW 328i. There is also a wide range of 4x4 vehicles including Jeeps, the Ford Escape and even a good choice of vans.

You can book online using the form above. You can find out the rates quickly with just a few clicks. Before booking your car from Avis Copenhagen Airport, make sure to look at the deals that are on offer. Avis often has many really impressive discounts on cars that may otherwise be out of your budget so it is really worth taking a peek at the Deals page of the website. If you are traveling off season then you particularly may pick up a really cheap offer! When you arrive at the Avis Copenhagen Airport desk don't be shy to ask for an upgrade. As Avis are keen to please their customers, if they have better models available then they will often give you a higher-level vehicle for no extra cost. You can also obtain air miles from your car rental that is always a nice added bonus.

There is plenty of staff at Avis car hire Copenhagen Airport to see to your needs and to ensure that there are not long queues. When returning your car, you can either drop off the keys at the desk or if you are leaving the car at night, you can put the keys in the box on the fourth floor of car park P10. Avis has people in the return car area that use hand held machines to get your car return completed ASAP. This is particularly useful at the airport, as you do not need to worry about missing a flight due to disorganisation with your rental car. The whole process of returning a car with Avis is really quick and smooth.

Avis is a reputable company, although other companies do offer more selection in their cars. If you are looking for speed and convenience, then Avis may be the right car rental company for you.

Where is the AVIS Rental Desk at Copenhagen Airport?

Map of AVIS rental desk at Copenhagen Airport

What are AVIS Opening Hours at Copenhagen Airport ?

Day Open Close
Monday 07:00 23:00
Tuesday 07:00 23:00
Wednesday 07:00 23:00
Thursday 07:00 23:00
Friday 07:00 23:00
Saturday 07:00 22:00
Sunday 07:00 23:00

The AVIS Rental Desk at Copenhagen Airport is located at:

Avis Europe Corporate

Car Rental Centre - Cph Lufthavnsboulevarden 2, Kastrup, 2770, 0

Tel: +45 70 24 77 02

Rental Desk Location: Desk In Terminal | Car via shuttle.

The car hire desk is in the terminal. You will then take a shuttle bus to collect your vehicle.

What rental cars are available from Avis at Copenhagen Airport?

The rental cars available from Avis at Copenhagen Airport are:

What are the cheapest rental cars available from Avis at Copenhagen Airport?

The lowest priced rental cars from Avis at Copenhagen Airport per category are:

What hybrid car rentals does Avis offer at Copenhagen Airport?

What automatic car rentals does Avis offer at Copenhagen Airport?

Avis offer the following automatic cars:

What manual/stick-shift car rentals does Avis offer at Copenhagen Airport?

Avis offer the following manual/stick-shift cars:

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What is the fuel policy when renting a car from AVIS at Copenhagen Airport?

Code Description
FULLFULL Fuel: Pick up and return full.

*Some companies may offer alternative fuel policies on request.

What additional equipment can I rent with a rental car from AVIS at Copenhagen Airport?

Item Daily Price
Booster seat
11.14 DKK
Child toddler seat
13.93 DKK
71.43 DKK
Infant child seat
13.93 DKK
Snow tyre set
60.00 DKK
WiFi Access
100.00 DKK

* Prices shown are approximate based on currency conversion. Please check at time of booking.
* Some companies may offer additional equipment at the rental desk.

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Car Brands Available to Rent from Avis at Copenhagen Airport

Avis has 25 different types of vehicles from 22 manufacturers available to hire at Copenhagen Airport.